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Without any previous construction knowledge or experience. Don changed my perception

One of the important things for me while searching for a general contracting review course
was someone that would make themselves available to my questions at any respectable time
throughout the day. Availability is a key metric I use to gauge how much someone truly cares
about your success. Initially, I spoke to Don a couple of times and he took plenty of his own
time to address all of my preliminary concerns and questions.  Throughout my initial
consultations with him, he never did attempt to pressure me to take his review course.  The
decision was left in my hands whether I wanted to take the course.  This was the first
indicator that I had found the right place to study for my exam.  The second indicator came
when I signed up for the course and he sent out the materials the same day.  This indicated to
me that he was organized and confident in his materials.  They were packaged professionally
and ready to go.  

To conclude, throughout the whole study process Don gave clear and concise instructions
on how to pass the test.

Stacey Moore
Raleigh, NC
When I made the decision to get my General Contractor's License, I had a friend tell me about
Don.  He said that if you take his course, you will most definitely pass.  I had heard many
stories about taking the test several times, so I was a bit skeptical.  I called him and he
answered right away.  He told me which books to get and exactly how to do all of the
preliminary paperwork to sign up for the course and for the test taking.  I followed his
instructions and things fell into place.  The Covid-19 hit and delayed our seminar date.  Don
immediately began on putting together a webinar to keep things moving along.  I could call
Don and ask questions and he seemed more than happy to help in any way or form.  We had
the webinar and he told us EXACTLY what to study and how to take the test.  This bit of
information was VERY helpful!!  Don was spot on with every bit of information that he gave
us.  You will see almost everything that he presents.  His accumulation of questions and
information is extremely valuable to anyone that desires getting their license.  Listen to what
and how he says to do things!  He will guide you right through the entire process.  Don is
very accommodating and helpful in any and every way.  You wont be sorry that you studied
under Don.

Scott Walrond
Pleasant Garden, N.C.