North Carolina General Contractor
Continuing Education
North Carolina
General Contractor
Continuing Education

Recently approved legislation requires
individuals who qualify a general
contractor’s license for the license
classifications of Building, Residential,
and Unclassified (Building Qualifier
only), to complete 8 hours of continuing
education each year, as a condition for
license renewal, beginning with the 2021
license renewal. Of the 8 hours required
annually, 2 hours will consist of a Board-
produced mandatory course, and the
remaining 6 hours will be available from
a selected course of electives that the
student can choose.

NC General Contractor Continuing Education Classes

We have been selected and approved to be a Provider and Instructor for
our 6 Hour Elective Classes.

We will also be providing the 2 hour State Mandated Business and Law
Classes with the 6 Hour Electives.

My 8 hour classes are going to consist of:
(4) 2 hour sessions completed in the same day. These (4) 2 hour sessions
will be all of the continuing education requirements needed for you to renew
your contractor license. Each 2 hour class will consist of 100 minutes of
instruction with a 20 minute break.

My course criteria for the 8 hour class is going to be:

2 hours of State Mandated Business and Law
2 hours of General Construction - permitting and foundations
2 hours of NC Building Codes - relevant chapters
2 hours of NC Building Code Amendments - relevant chapters

Tentative course schedule for the 8 hour class will be check in at 7:00 to
7:45 am and classes to start at 8:00 am and finish around 4:30 pm.

Prior to Attending Class You will Receive a Document With All Four Classes To
Print Out.

After Completion You Will Receive an Email Confirmation and Completion
Certificate for your records and
The Licensing Board Will Be Notified.

At a minimum, a student will be required to have:

A computer or other device with camera and microphone capabilities
(student connection via cell phone is not allowed)
Broadband internet access with a strong internet connection capable of
maintaining connectivity
Software requirements (i.e. operating system, browser, etc.)

The cost of this 8 hour Webinar Class will be $ 250.00.
(Includes Fees to the State, Reporting and Completion Certificate)

All of the below classes will be held via the internet by means of a Live Webinar.

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NC Contractor Continuing Education
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